The ICT30120 Certificate III in Information Technology encompasses a wide variety of skills and knowledge that are needed for roles in the industry. With a mix of generalised knowledge used in all aspects of the information technology industry, and electives for specialised skills in areas of interest, there is a wide variety of options moving forward in your digital career. With countless avenues to get into, start with what you need to know in your area of interest.

Workers will undertake routine tasks under supervision.

Your training will focus on: 

  • How to work ethically in the industry
  • How to operate in a team
  • How to work effectively in the chosen stream of information and technology, could include:
    • Creating 2D and 3D animations
    • Contribute to cyber security
    • Assist with customer queries

Operate and implement software packages and changes

AST auspices this qualification to secondary schools so their teachers can deliver it to secondary school students as part of their VET studies.

Job roles vary across different industry sectors and may include:

  • IT Technician
  • Help Desk Officer
  • Customer Service Representative (ICT)
  • Client Support Officer (ICT)
  • User Support Specialist

Assessment may consist of

  • Written answers to questions
  • Role plays
  • Holistic assessment

Evidence may be:

  • Written 
  • Audio recordings
  • Video recordings
  • Observation
  • Zoom recording
  • Interview
  • Documents

All students will engage in a language, literacy, numeracy and digital literacy (LLND) activity to evaluate potential support requirements.

The ICT30120 Certificate III in Information Technology consists of 12 units:

  • 6 core units
  • 6 elective units

Elective units will vary depending on consultation with industry.

Core units include:

BSBCRT301 Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills
BSBXCS303 Securely manage personally identifiable information and workplace information
BSBXTW301 Work in a team
ICTICT313 Identify IP, ethics and privacy policies in ICT environments
ICTPRG302 Apply introductory programming techniques
ICTSAS305 Provide ICT advice to clients


This qualification is offered to secondary schools on a fee-for-service basis, where a fee is charged for each individual student’s enrolment.

Please contact us for the current year’s auspicing fees.

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