The CHC24015 Certificate II in Active Volunteering is designed for students who are looking at employability skills across various vocational sectors with the inclusion of volunteering activities. The certificate prepares students for volunteering and work readiness.

Your training will focus on: 

  • How to be an effective volunteer
  • How to work with diverse people
  • Workplace safety practices 
  • Effective communication methods in the workplace

AST auspices this qualification to secondary schools so their teachers can deliver to secondary school students as part of their VET studies.

This qualification may be used as a pathway for workforce entry.
Organisations may require volunteers to undergo relevant background checks.

Assessment may consist of

  • written answers to questions
  • role plays
  • holistic assessment

Evidence may be:

  • written 
  • audio recordings
  • video recordings
  • observation
  • Zoom recording
  • Interview
  • documents 

To achieve this qualification, the candidate must have completed at least 20 hours of volunteer work as detailed in the Assessment Requirements of units of competency.

All students will engage in a language, literacy, numeracy and digital literacy (LLND) activity to evaluate potential support requirements.

The CHC24015 Certificate II in Active Volunteering consists of 7 units:

  • 4 core units
  • 3 elective units

Elective units will vary depending on consultation with industry.

Core units include:

CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people
CHCVOL001 Be an effective volunteer
HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety
BSBCMM201 Communicate in the workplace


This qualification is offered to secondary schools on a fee-for-service basis, where a fee is charged for each individual student’s enrolment.

Please contact us for the current year’s auspicing fees.

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